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Melanie & Matt

A warm morning in May began with champagne and bagels in the grand bridal suite at the beautiful Painters Lodge in Campbell River. The bride was calm, lounging around in her housecoat and slippers. I noticed how the light filled the room with gorgeous morning sun. The day couldn't of been more perfect and serene. No stress, no mess just laughter and smiles. As a photographer it was easy to be inspired by such easy going clients and friends. They agreed to all my crazy poses and the insistent requests for just "one more shot". The bride was stunning in her gown, simple yet elegant. The groom looked sophisticated and it showed in the swagger in which he walked. It was delightful to see two people, that are so evenly matched come together and proclaim their love for each other.

Thank you Melanie and Matthew for choosing me and welcoming me as a friend. To many years of laughs, loves, riddles and trivia for you are both so fond

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