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Cory & Andrea

You know, kids get so excited when their parents finally get married. In reality no too much changes for them, They have the same family they have always had but something seems a little different, Its a big party, with lots of people , food, fussing about, getting dressed up in fancy clothes. Some love the attention and other children get a little overwhelmed, Cory and Andrea have the most adorable little boy that they adore....actually everyone adores him. He wasnt sure about wearing the suite....but oh my did he look handsome. He wasnt thrilled about having so many pictures taken of him but he smiled every time i asked him to. He is a treasure and so lucky to have Cory and Andrea , his loving parents finally married. I have had the fortunate pleasure of calling Cory and Andrea friends for the past few years and I was honored to be a part of the most important day of their lives.

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